Liability regulations

1. Disclaimer

MC MARKETING CORPORATIONS’s web presence had been composed with utmost care and attention. Nevertheless, no guarantee for correctness of the provided information herein can be given. Any claims for liability related to damages of material or immaterial kind caused due to usage or non-usage of the provided information and / or caused due to usage of incorrect or incomplete information are basically excluded as far as an accusation of deliberate or gross negligent behaviour is unmerited. All offers are without engagement and non-binding. MC MARKETING CORPORATION expressly reserves the right to temporarily or definitely change, amend, delete or abandon the publication of parts of the pages or of the entire offer without separate notice.

2. References and Links

As far as reference is made from this website to internet sites administered by third parties, MC MARKETING CORPORATION will assume no responsibility for their contents and no liability for the usage of such information.

3. Consideration of Copyright- and Trademark Law

MC MARKETING CORPORATION is anxious to act in accordance with the copyrights in all publications to the used graphics, audio recordings, animated graphics, video sequences and texts, to use self developed graphics, audio recordings, animated graphics, video sequences and texts or to revert to unlicensed material. All mentioned and, if applicable, registered brands and trademarks within the internet offer are non-restrictively subject to the respective provisions of the valid trademark- and ownership rights of the respective owner. The bare naming does not mean that trademarks are unprotected by third parties’ rights.

4. Own Copyright

The copyright of all by MC MARKETING CORPORATION published and self-created graphics, audio recordings, animated graphics, video sequences and texts remains with us. It is not permitted to reproduce or use such objects without MC MARKETING CORPORATION’s express consent.

5. Legal effectiveness of this liability regulationThis liability regulation has to be treated as part of the internet offer from which reference was made to this page. As far as parts or specific formulations of this liability regulation should not, not any more or not entirely be in accordance with prevailing legal norms, the residual parts remain unaffected in their content and validation.

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