Essential for the success of your company:


He stands in the focus of each analysis and in each concept. Therefore, the analysis does not start internally; first of all MC assumes the role of your customers and your customer’s target group respectively, gets familiar with your company as customer and evaluates your performance like your customer.

And how?
Our consultants act as mystery shopper, survey your customers and observe their buying decision, measure your customers’ satisfaction with your performance compared with your most important competitors and accompany your marketing- and sales employees in their daily job of inspiring and acquire your (target) customers

Afterwards, MC - from the customer’s point of view - holds a mirror up to you and shows you what needs to be changed to attract your customers as fans of your company and your performance.

Since its foundation in 1988, MC MARKETING COROPRATION has been pursuing a clear objective:
We increase your market success. By client- and market oriented strategies and concepts which we always develop from the point of your customers’ view.

Within a few years, this approach of effective consulting and realisation of the developed measures  has lead our company into the top-level of consultants and service providers – which lead our customers to market successes.

Consequently, our credo is: we would not do everything but we do everything in our power for marketing, sales and after sales.
We are no jack of all trades. But we are able to do everything that you need in the area of marketing and sales.
From market research to coaching.
From market launch to after sales.

             INSTEAD OFF THE

MC CORPORATION is no cumbersome big organisation. We are an association of fast and flexible acting competence centres. Staffed with team members instead of single fighters, who are familiar with their area, know the connecting factors to other divisions and also have a good sense of what is achievable.

As difficult the case may be, our employees always keep the direction and directly steer to successful solutions.


Analytic work and consulting related to strategic-conceptual demands is one thing. Yet, we consciously face up to the operational implementation in order to prove that we create an increase value not only on paper but also in the marketplace. Our promise: better consulting, better implementation.

We do not work behind closed doors on standardised theoretical concepts that would be presented to you and then disappear from your sight. Also, we would not compile with you rotten compromises as an armchair decision. Rather we will come together at a round table. Listen. Ask questions and query. Hard, controversially, but constructive. Until a result is achieved, that all can accept...


There are employees who are employed. And those who contribute, participate and think forward in the sense of the company.

At MC MARKETING CORPORATION entrepreneurial acting experts work on every level and concretely set something in motion on site. They give new impulses and always  consider the consequences for the customer as a whole. They have an eye for the whole picture rather than seeing single divisions. And suggest  comprehensive and enduring effective measures – and implement these together with the customer. We therefore feel as a part of the customer while having the advantage of an external view.

We do think independently, act cooperatively and trustfully for the customer. With the willingness to constantly query ourselves and the own solutions. Of course, this demands high engagement and more performance - from us. You will benefit from a deep understanding for the situation, more solution-oriented attitude and first of all: more success. This is what finally counts.