tl_files/modern_orange/MC/MC.jpg WORKSHOP - CORPORATE

An autarkic, easy to remember, excellently recognisable, continuously media-compatible appearance is an essential differential factor in the rough competition environment. We are happy to advise and develop in close cooperation with you everything for a presence from one hand.

With our P4C we provide you a powerful tool which makes perfect results even faster, more efficient and more economic!


Our portfolio:

Strategic CORPORATE Design

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  CD -Analysis, benchmarking and strategic consulting
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Concept and creation for company- and brand identity nationally and internationally
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Strategic Corporate Design as instrument of differentiation
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Consulting and conception of qualification instruments and test designs
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Development launch concepts, steering of launch / road mapping
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Conceptual integration in the relevant media portfolio
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  CD-manuals / guides national and international
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Steering of process for the implementation and optimisation
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Master tool for efficiency increase and cost optimisation
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Strategic colour- and production value management
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Quality management and CD monitoring