tl_files/modern_orange/MC/MC.jpg WORKSHOP - PACKAGING

The Point of Sale is also respectfully called the “moment of truth”. It is the moment in which the customer makes his decision, within a blink of his eye, often spontaneous but also merciless. A persuasive design of packaging and production performance solutions are crucial. Our spectrum combines strategy-oriented and attractive design with perfect product-process-correlation.

Additionally, with our P4P-concept we provide you with a powerful tool which considerably reduces the “time to market”, increases efficiency and - into the bargain - saves money


Our portfolio:

Strategic Packaging Design

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Analysis, benchmarking and strategic consulting
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Concept and creation for launches, line-extensions and re-launches
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Strategic design as differentiation concept and competitive edge
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Support during the product development phase
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Consulting regarding test design and qualification
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  3-D simulation / virtual shelf impact
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Implementation planning and process management

Strategic Packaging Production

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Planning and implementation of national and international packing projects
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Steering of process and optimisation of production of packaging (PPM)
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Conception and realisation of master- and final artwork
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  P4P master tool for process optimisation, increase in efficiency and
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Strategic colour-management
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Specific print method quality management
tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png  Selection and qualification of suppliers