New foundation of a MC business unit

by Horst Jepp

New foundation of a MC business unit for packaging-, corporate- and digital concept as well as service performance with the partners Klaus Göbel and Christian Riedel as of June 1, 2012

Following effective and amicable negotiations we have founded a further MC Service company with the, in such business units very experienced partners, Mr. Klaus Göbel and Mr. Christian Riedel named


By means of the naming we intentionally emphasize the 3 key aspects of the new MC company to the customer and also document a differentiation to the other consulting- and service companies of the MC-group.


The key aspects are described in detail on our website under the heading MC SERVICES > MC WORKSHOP and illustrate the competences that our two new partners are expediently contributing.

Klaus Göbel and Christian Riedel will not only engage themselves, but also bring along an already incorporated team as well as an active business that used to successfully run under another corporate form.

MCWS will be overtaking the existing office in Offenbach and retain this location as a subsidiary.

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